brass material Male G1/2 to Femal G3/8 pipe connector host adapter converter

body metrial : Brass

use :

most conditions ,  if you are located 

in United State / Canada  the water supply pipe size  is G9/16 (9/16-24 UNEF)  

in Europe  the water supply pipe size  is G3/8,

in Brazil / China   the water supply pipe size  is G1/2,

M=Male,  F=Female ,price is for one pair/2pcs

   option  M-9-16-F-3-8 : connect United State G9/16 hose  to Europe G3/8  pipe

  option  M-9-16-F-1-2 : connect United State G9/16 hose  to   G1/2 pipe

  option  M-3-8-F-9-16 : connect Europe G3/8 hose  to   United State G9/16  pipe

 option  M-3-8-F-1-2 : connect Europe G3/8 hose  to    G1/2 pipe

 option  M-1-2-F-9-16 : connect   G1/2 hose   to United State G9/16  pipe

 option M-1-2-F-3-8 : connect G1/2 hose to Europe G3/8  pipe

here is the length  of each size for reference  +-0.3mm , if you still don't know how to select, please contact us